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Basic knowledge of acid and alkali lifting belt Polyester Webbing Belt

High strength acid-base hoisting belt (polypropylene hoisting belt) is an ideal hoisting tool in chemical industry. The vertical surface of polypropylene filament is smooth and the cross section is circular. The big advantage is light texture, its density of 0.91g/cm3, is a common chemical fiber of light density varieties. The industrial filament is woven into the semi-finished ribbon by the loom once and the hoisting belt is made by different manufacturing techniques.

Due to good acid and alkali resistance properties of general chemicals, in addition to concentrated nitric acid, concentrated caustic soda, can resist all acid and alkali substances. Therefore, it is suitable for filtering materials, packaging materials, coating products, plastic products, machine tools, pipes and pipelines after anti-corrosion and moisturizing. However, although it has good acid and alkaline resistance, but its light resistance, heat resistance is poor, easy to aging, not ironing. However, anti-aging properties can be improved by adding anti-aging agents in the spinning process. In addition, the electrical insulation of polypropylene fiber is good. After putting forward a point of our suggestion, acid and alkali hoisting belt is not recommended to work in the open air for a long time. I hope it can help you.Polyester Webbing Belt

It is a kind of lifting equipment, according to the lifting method is divided into two kinds: horizontal lifting heavy lifting and vertical lifting heavy pliers. Horizontal lifting pliers hPolyester Webbing Beltave the characteristics of horizontal distribution of lifting, it is in the operation, the opening of the horizontal lifting pliers will pop out, clamped on the hanging object, disassembly, should be the heavy object on the ground, no load, remove the spreader. The lifting drawing is as follows:

Vertical hanging steel plate pliers with self – locking device, reliable work. Clamping speed, high work efficiency. Easy to use, no maintenance.Polyester Webbing Belt


Precautions for steel plate pliers:

1. Select appropriate lifting pliers according to the weight and thickness of the steel plate. It is forbidden to overload over tonnage

2. In actual use, there should be a gap between the steel plate and the ground, and the gap should be slightly larger than the thickness of the bottom of the steel plate

3. Before lifting, check whether the edge of the steel plate is close to the bottom of the clamp body

4. Keep the steel plate level when lifting

5. In the process of transportation, the steel plate is strictly prohibited from collision and impact

6. When transporting steel plates, do not stand on the bottom or pass over the object

7. Do not use on objects other than steel plates

8. Cannot be used for objects with high hardness (the hardness of the hanging object cannot be higher than the hardness of the jaws)

9. If the lifting objects are stuck with rust, oil, paint and other foreign bodies, they should be wiped off before using lifting pliers

10. Lifting temperature above 150° or below -20° can not be used

11. Suspension and mounting operations shall be carried out by persons qualified for suspension and mounting operations

12. Before use, check whether the steel plate pliers are intact and can work normally, and then use them after checking

Post time: Sep-19-2022