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Flat lifting with a variety of basic knowledge Polyester Webbing Belt

Compared with the flexible lifting belt, the flat lifting belt has a slightly wider width. The flat webbing is woven by the loom at one time using PES. The width and thickness of the flat webbing cannot be changed freely in the later stage. Ribbon weaving after the unified arrangement of color, according to the tonnage width to adjust the high temperature printing and dyeing machine, Polyester Webbing Belt different width of ribbon for heating color temperature requirements are not the same, in the same machine inside the same belt temperature directly affects the color difference. Different tonnage of the ribbon will be marked with different colors, at present, the domestic can express the color of purple, green, yellow, gray, red, brown, blue, orange, black. In the last step of sewing, the sewing method of lifting belt with different tonnage is different, and the different manufacturing technology directly affects the tension problem.Polyester Webbing Belt


The flexible lifting belt is also called round lifting belt, which is made by unique manufacturing technology and is mainly composed of two parts: inner bearing core and outer casing. It is made of high-strength polyester industrial filament (PES). The inner bearing core is surrounded by infinite loops to form a circular shape. Polyester Webbing Belt The outer casing is woven by PES with loom to protect the bearing core without force at one time, which will only flatten under strong impact. The damage caused by the impact of the ordinary lifting belt is common in the lifting operation. In this respect, the advantage of the flexible lifting belt reduces the risk to a low level. When the sling is seriously damaged, the outer casing is damaged first, which warns us that the sling cannot be used anymore…… The data from our trial and error tests have shown that internal damage is not possible without visible external casing damage, and that if the internal bearing core breaks, it will be detected through the casing.

Post time: Sep-19-2022